Languish – Unworthy (Review)

Languish - UnworthyLanguish are a grindcore band from the US and this is their second album.

Featuring members of North and Gatecreeper, Languish offer up 27 minutes of grim extremity and chaotic brutality.

This is intense, nasty grind that mixes in elements of death metal and touches of black metal here and there to concoct a foul brew of poisonous misanthropy.

Bleak, uncompromising, and soaked in pitch-black negativity, Languish’s vision of the world is one of hopeless and violence. At least, that’s the impression this raging slab of nihilism gives off. Regardless of the truth, it makes for a compelling collection of grinders.

The songs are largely short and brutal, but not without dynamics or songwriting skill. As well as the seemingly ubiquitous blasting that populates this album like pools of acidic ugliness, the band know when to slow down and add some groove or mid-paced heaviness where appropriate. A sense of controlled mayhem permeates these savage slices of psychotic aggression, all of which is channelled into tracks that hit like a truck as they smash in your skull 15 times over.

Unworthy is the exact opposite of its title; this is a very worthy album, full of brutal extremity and deathgrind intensity. Yep, this may be grim and nasty, but it’s still Hellishly enjoyable.

Highly recommended.

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