Creeping Flesh – Scorched (Review)

Creeping FleshThis is the latest demo from Swedish death metallers Creeping Flesh.

I like Creeping Flesh a lot. Their 2015 EP Rising Terror was a firmly enjoyable slab of the Swedish style of death metal, and it stuck out in my mind as a superior release from the genre.

A year or so later and they’re back, with a demo of new material to…ahem…scorch the life from you.

I’ll get my coat…

The familiar Swedish death metal accoutrements are present and correct, and it’s pleasing to see that Creeping Flesh have lost none of what I like so much about them. Heavy groovy riffs, rolling double bass, pounding drums and macabre melodies are all thrown into the songs in the requisite amounts, and the tracks pass by as a brutally pleasant way to spend just under quarter of an hour.

The songs are well-written, with Trench Apostasy probably being my favourite of the three, although it’s a genuinely tough call due to the quality on display here. All of the tracks are first-rate songs though, containing the right combination of brutality, catchy riffs, memorable hooks and sinister atmosphere.

I particularly like the singer’s voice. His growled utterances sit just the right side of gruff legibility, and his performance is really satisfying.

As always, if you’re not a fan of the style it’s unlikely that this demo will convince you otherwise. However, if you are, then get yer grubby mitts on this as soon as you can.

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