Lelahell – Alif (Review)

LelahellThis is the second album from Algerian death metallers Lelahell.

Lelahell’s 2014 debut album Al Insane…The (Re)birth of Abderrahmane was a brutal collection of tracks with some exotic flourishes included to spice things up; not only an enjoyable album, but a striking and memorable one too.

Alif continues both the style and conceptual theme of its predecessor, providing us with a fresh 41 minutes of brutality, technicality, and folk enhancements. This latter part of the band’s sound manifests via some of the guitar riffs and melodies, adding something different to what most brutal death metal bands offer. This is only one aspect of Lelahell’s sound, of course, but still an important one.

Whatever they do during these songs, most of the material here is firmly focused on ripping your face off. This is a band that like to play fast and tight, mixing technicality with a direct assault. I very much like the fact that the folk/exotic influences give Lelahell a distinct personality of their own without overpowering the rest of the music’s many features to become the dominant aspect of the band’s style.

The vocals mix growls and screams to great effect. I’m honestly not sure which delivery I prefer the most out of the two, as both of them are performed very well.

The production is thick and meaty, allowing the rhythm guitars and drums to crush, and the sharp melodies to draw blood with ease.

Alif is a satisfying and strong release, and a worthy and superior follow up to the band’s enjoyable debut. Alif offers a compelling mix of brutality, technicality, and exotic flourishes.

Punishing and intense.

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