Wombripper – From the Depths of Flesh (Review)

WombripperWombripper are a Russian death metal band and this is their debut album.

After really enjoying the band’s debut EP – Infected Tomb – I was only thinking recently that I wanted to hear some more from Wombripper, and now, as if out of nowhere, appears the band’s debut album. BOOM!

Well, out of nowhere for me at least – this album originally came out in January it seems. Oh well…

From the Depths of Flesh is filled with rabid, filthy old-school death metal. The macabre melodies and buzzsaw riffs that were present on their first EP are even nastier here, and the loving worship of the Swedish metal of death is in full rapturous flow.

I have a definite soft spot for this kind of death metal, but one of the reasons that Wombripper’s EP spoke to me so much was because they combine a well-worn style with real passion and obvious enthusiasm. This manifests in the material as extra bite and energy, making for music that draws you in and crushes you completely.

Add to that the fact that they obviously know how to write a good song, and you have a band that were basically destined to get heavy rotation here at Wonderbox Metal. This is Swedish death metal presented in all of its gnarly, dirty, underground glory.

Well-recorded with an ugly, scuzzy sound, and with a grim aesthetic that definitely works for them, Wombripper are a band that seem to have the entire package.

This version of the band’s album that I have been lucky enough to be sent contains three bonus tracks – two unreleased, and one taken from their split with Russian death metallers Torn Apart. It total, this makes for 45 minutes of very enjoyable material, amounting to what should be a thoroughly enticing package for any old-school death metal adherent.

If you’re a fan of quality, well-written death metal, presented with gnashing teeth and pulsating energy, then From the Depths of Flesh is definitely for you.

Very highly recommended.

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