Wombripper – Infected Tomb (Review)

WombripperWombripper are a Russian death metal band and this is their debut EP.

This EP was originally released in 2017, and apparently the band have had a split release and a full length album since this. Regardless, this is my first exposure to the band, and I must say that I like what I hear.

This version of the release contains the original 4 track EP, bolstered by an additional two live tracks. The band also contain a member of 7 H.Target, which is worth a quick mention.

Wombripper’s music is old-school death metal, played with bite and no small amount of Swedish death metal love. The songs are raw, filthy, and quite barbed. They’re well-played and written, however, and the band’s obvious love for the style shines through strongly.

The singer has a savage growl, and I very much like his voice. Barking ferociously out from the buzzsaw riffs and the macabre melodies, there’s a fiery energy here that’s invigorating to hear. I also must mention some of the very enjoyable solos that are on this release too. Very tasty.

The bonus live tracks are rough and ready, with a murky live mix, yet are still surprisingly pleasing to listen to.

I really enjoyed this. Wombripper have impressed with their base, violent style.

Highly recommended.

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