Lycanthro – Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (Review)

LycanthroLycanthro are a Canadian heavy/power metal band and this is their latest EP.

On the longer side for a four-track EP, (33 minutes), Lycanthro deliver an epic mix of power and heavy metal, with an earthy, natural character and plenty of metallic clout.

The songs are well-written and despite mostly being on the longer side never become boring or off-putting. The band clearly love their old-school metal and know more than enough about the style to hammer out some decent tunes. The mix of power and heavy metal is well-balanced, sometimes with the simpler, direct approach of the latter winning out over the more ostentatious aspects of the former, while at other times the reverse can be said.

For me, the usual place a band like this falls down is with either a sub-standard singer or production, (or both). In the case of Lycanthro, however, this thankfully isn’t the case. The singer has a very pleasing voice and demonstrates the right amount of power, range, and personality. He knows how to handle the material and his performance is a strong one.

As for the recording, the music on this EP isn’t some ultra-polished major label release, of course, but nor is it an underground mess where the band’s ambition outstrips their talent. No, this is a happy case where the band are clearly skilled at their craft, and have a certain raw underground appeal, while still maintaining decent production values.

In many ways Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse offers the best of both worlds – the passion and zeal of the underground, and the flair and skill of something more polished.

Lycanthro are definitely a band I’d recommend for anyone into traditional, classic heavy/power metal. Check this one out.

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