New Waters – Experience (Review)

New WatersThis is the second album from Finnish hardcore band New Waters.

Experience is suitably titled, leading the listener on an…ahem…experience, lasting 36 minutes. As you travel through the band’s internally-forged landscapes, you get to…ahem…experience their charismatic and aggressive form of hardcore. It’s definitely an…ahem…experience.

Okay, enough of the ‘experience’ thing. Point made.

This is a varied and atypical form of hardcore with a firm experimental side. Mixing together elements of rock, thrash, and modern metallic hardcore, and melting them down to cover their central aggressive and chaotic hardcore style, Experience builds on this foundation with a progressive streak that allows the band to play with their various influences, creating noisy soundscapes that have a rough, jagged edge to them.

The album’s songs are largely emotive and sharp, with noisy riffs and non-standard structuring in some respects. There’s a crust influence here alongside all of the others, and I like the energy that the entire album has.

Experience is well-written and works very well. There are plenty of ideas and quirks amidst the general chaos of the songs, and overall the album is a very satisfying listen. The various influences that the band have are incorporated into their sound without leaving too many rips or tears, and those that remain simply add character to an album that’s overflowing with it.

Highly recommended.

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