Baptists – Beacon of Faith (Review)

BaptistsBaptists are a Canadian hardcore band and this is their third album.

I very much enjoyed 2014’s Bloodmines, so a new record form Baptists is well overdue.

The band’s trademark blend of violent hardcore, punk, and noise rock is intact and well, but on this latest release they have developed the latter part of their sound to a greater degree. This has resulted in a more involved and distinguished delivery in some places, with some longer tracks too which have evolved to make room for this increased focus on intricacy and malevolent depth.

Make no mistake though, there’s still more than enough vicious, savage material here to satisfy. This has simply been augmented by the additional elements that Baptists have always toyed with, just now to a slightly larger extent.

Although the influence of the mighty Converge on a band like Baptists is apparent, this is an influence that is taken by the band and made their own. As such, there’s no derivative content here, just quality, enjoyable extreme music that may reference the work of others, but has its own personality than brightly shines through the material.

Intense and atypically rhythmic, the songs take on a variety of guises, dynamics, and paces across the album. Beacon of Faith is more than just one thing, with everything from short, violent expressions of rage, to complicated atmospheric dissonance being delivered, and a lot in between as well.

An abrasive yet rewarding piece of work, Beacon of Faith is 38 minutes of equality extremity.

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