Forest of Grey – Crypsis (Review)

Forest of GreyForest of Grey are a black metal band from the US and this is their debut album.

Crypsis is a thoroughly engaging 30 minutes of atmospheric black metal, with a firm Cascadian influence. Divided into two lengthy tracks, the band have produced an album that’s both engaging and highly captivating.

The two compositions on Crypsis are all about building dark atmosphere. There’s somewhat of a despondent blackened doom influence that can be felt across the material, and the music frequently allows itself to wallow in despair, evoking mournful feelings of loss and hopelessness. All of this adds depth and layers to the songs as they slowly unfold with their distinctly American character.

Forest of Grey have obviously spent a lot of time and energy crafting this music. It’s involved and intricately-played, while also reserving the right to naturally loosen up when it feels the need. Regardless of what it does though, it’s always very well-considered. The album stays true to the tenets of the US Cascadian/atmospheric style, while also firmly displaying its own personality.

The band deliver all aspects of this material well, all via an underground sound that manages to enhance rather than restrict the music. I particularly enjoy some of the melodies that are used, but ultimately the band have got a talent for all areas of their music.

I really enjoyed this. Crypsis is a highly recommended listen.

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