Møl – Jord (Review)

MølMøl are a post-black metal band from Denmark and this is their debut album.

This is 42 minutes of atmospheric and emotive blackgaze. Taking a base of sharp, modern black metal and incorporating into it an obvious love of shoegaze’s ethereal intensity, Jord is a double-edged sword, promising both salvation and damnation.

This is an album that you’ll undoubtedly hear described by words such as haunting and beautiful, and there’s good reason for this. From the very start the music works its richly melodic magic to push all of the right emotional buttons in your head, instantly allowing you to fall headfirst into their sumptuous world.

One of the many reasons that Jord is so effective, however, is that the inherent hateful aggression that black metal nurtures so jealously is given equal weight in the songwriting. This means that while these songs are bright and effervescent in some respects, wearing their hearts on their collective sleeves, they are also cold and dark in others, offering the listener a nebulous and dangerous take on uplifting moods. The strikingly aggressive vocals are only part of the latter’s destructive allure.

Although it’s easy to reference groups such as Deafheaven and Alcest in relation to Møl, and it’s true that there are obvious similarities due to the style played, but Møl have very much their own journey to offer the listener. Jord is impressively rendered and deceitfully joyous; this album wants to damage you as much as it wants to uplift.

A highly impressive and powerful debut album.

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