Ende – Goétie Funeste (Review)

EndeEnde are a French black metal band and this is their fourth album.

I very much enjoy Ende’s work. Both 2015’s The Rebirth of I and 2017’s Emën Etan were effective examples of traditionally-delivered raw black metal, played well and with good songs. It’s only actually been a year since Emën Etan, but it seems there has been no rest in the Ende camp. Their lack of sleep is to our benefit, however.

Ende play second wave black metal with both raw aggressive bite and grim atmosphere. Authentic and passionate, this is music that’s true to the original style while also displaying its own personality on its frosted sleeves.

The songs on this latest album continue in the same vein as the ones on their previous releases, with cold melodies, atmospheric darkness, acidic aggression, and plenty of frosted groove. The songs are full of darkly emotive grandeur, and more then enough depth and substance to satisfy and satiate over time.

In the same way that I thought Emën Etan was an improvement on The Rebirth of I, I think that Goétie Funeste is an improvement on Emën Etan. Ende just continue to get better at what they do with every release. Every time they put something out, it’s very strong, but I like that they always show progress in the right direction, with each new album building on the strengths of the previous one. Goétie Funeste is the band’s strongest yet, filled with atmosphere and ice.

Black metal fans rejoice, for Ende have returned once more.

One thought on “Ende – Goétie Funeste (Review)”

  1. Thank you so much for reviwing this. In my mind Ende is the most underrated band in black metal and its not even close. Their last record was a beast. After reading your review I just put in an order for the CD. Hoping to see a vinyl release of this as well.

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