Black Mass Pervertor – Life Beyond the Walls of Flesh (Review)

Black Mass PervertorBlack Mass Pervertor are a Finnish black metal band and this is their latest EP.

As this is the band’s first outpouring of filth since 2016’s Phanerosis, I knew I had to expose myself to their virulent and toxic take on black metal as soon as I could. Hey, it’s worth the risk.

Black Mass Pervertor play ugly, dirty black metal that’s been brutally assaulted by punk and crust, leaving fractured, damaged remains that have nonetheless managed to arise stronger than ever before. This is music that doesn’t care anymore and is ready to riot.

As with the band’s debut album, this release mixes first and second wave black metal with punk and crust, resulting in old-school devastation that really hits the spot. There seems to be a little more emphasis on the second wave black metal aspect of their influences this time around, although that may just be me showing my preferences.

Life Beyond the Walls of Flesh is a highly enjoyable and surprisingly infectious; Black Mass Pervertor play their music with enthusiasm and no small part of malignant joy.

Highly recommended.

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