Black Mass Pervertor – Phanerosis (Review)

Black Mass Black Mass PervertorPervertor are a Finnish black metal band and this is their debut album.

This is filthy, fast and furious black metal with crust and punk influences. It’s the kind of thing you might expect to come from the black metal underground, appealing to fans of the likes of Impaled Nazarene, Watchmaker and Black Witchery. Phanerosis sees the band carrying on the tradition of short, ugly songs that want to rape and kill you just for fun.

Rooted firmly in the oldest of old schools, Black Mass Pervertor have their roots in both the first and second waves of black metal. Theirs is a thoroughly grim sound that sees them equally at home throwing out short, ugly songs that are all rabid bark and savage aggression, as well as ones that have more of a Darkthrone groove to them.

The crust/punk influences add an increased energy to the proceedings, but it’s the pure blackened spite of the music that’s the real draw here. I find that, for me, crust and punk influences in black metal rarely get anything but superficial results, and it’s the black metal core of such bands that keeps drawing me back to them. With Black Mass Pervertor, for all of these other influences this is essentially black metal through and through, albeit truncated and energised with hardcore passion.

With a crusty dark sound that nonetheless allows everything its moment to shine, (bleakly), Phanerosis is definitely one of the more enjoyably blunt black metal offerings I’ve heard of late. The classic black metal sound and attitude is alive and well in Black Mass Pervertor, and I am so very, very pleased that I decided to give this band a chance rather than passing them over. I suggest you do the same.

Very highly recommended.

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