Interview with Of Feather and Bone

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The ugly, underground death metal onslaught of Bestial Hymns of Perversion is a gruesome and wondrous thing to behold. Brutal and raw, yet still with masses of macabre atmosphere, this is death metal for lovers of darkness and apocalyptic barbarity. For something as singularly nasty as this, I just had to find out more…

Introduce us to Of Feather and Bone – what are your influences?

Our personal influences range pretty far. As a band, we always tend to go more towards death metal that has atmosphere, chaotic riffs and heavy on the blasts.

Name five things you’ve listened to recently that you’d recommend

Personally (which I can’t speak for the other two) I’d say: the newest Portal record, the new Spectral Voice song from their split with Vastum, I’m really feeling that new tape from Void Terror out of Kentucky and last but surely not least, Mortiferum’s altar of decay now out on vinyl.

Tell us about the concept behind Bestial Hymns of Perversion

Musically, it’s meant to be unrelenting and fast and not give much time to rest while still creating an atmosphere of sombre and dark emotion. Lyrically, I took a lot of visual and folklore from Aztec belief systems. My heritage is from that region so I wanted to take a standpoint that is against Christianity due to the invasion and slaughter of Mesoamerican indigenous cultures all over but also focus on death as a strong focal point, the same way they took a deep fascination in the topic.

There’s definitely been a progression of sound for you over the years – how would you compare your latest release to your older work, and what prompted this evolution?

We wrote the old material so long ago. We sat on it. We released it. We played it thousands of times over. We did the demo tape as a kind of leading into the change rather than just dropping a full record. We’ve been making this change for a few years now and it’s finally seeing light. For us, it’s been a long time coming but to the rest of the world it seems abrupt.

Of Feather and Bone Band 1

How were the songs written for this release?

Organic. No song was written beforehand. A few structural ideas but basically we sit down for a writing session and just plug away. D and P have an uncanny ability to write very well together. But in that session, if we don’t finish the better part of the song, it’s highly likely that we will scrap the whole thing and try again another time.

What’s your favourite song on the album and why?

For me personally, it would be “Hymn of Perversion”. It’s a demanding song from all of us but displays the best parts of our writing and playing abilities. It’s a diverse song with unique parts and I’m happy with the way the vocals and lyrics came out personally.

Tell us about the album artwork – how important do you think album artwork is in today’s increasingly digital environment?

The album artwork is what speaks to someone first. With so many goddamn releases that come out at any given moment, it’s important that the artwork is a strong ambassador for people who otherwise wouldn’t seek out music on their own and depend on webzines, magazines, etc. to feed them their new music.

Of Feather and Bone

What are your goals for the album?

We just want to tour on it as much as we can and hope people grasp what we’re doing when they see us live.

Do you have any upcoming tours you would like to talk about?

We will be doing a west coast run in June by ourselves around a couple of fests. Then we will be doing the south and east coast in June with our friends in Tomb Mold from Canada. Then we will be focusing on getting back to Europe in early 2019.

What would be your dream tour?

Goddamn. For me personally, a tour with dead congregation would be the best, haha.

Of Feather and Bone Band 2

What’s your most memorable show you have played so far?

For me, recently, it would be Brussels. It was our first show in Europe ever. New setting. No clue what was going to happen. And the whole set was just a fun time with people going nuts and then wanting an encore. Shit was cool.

What are your plans for the rest of 2018, apart from touring?

We plan to start writing again soon. For what? Not sure yet. We just enjoy writing and get bored easily, haha.

Any final words?

Thanks a ton for the interview and check out the record when it comes out March 23rd on Profound Lore.

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