Dog Day Sunrise – When the Sky Comes Down (Review)

Dog Day SunriseDog Day Sunrise are a heavy metal band from the US and this is their latest album.

Mixing heavy metal with blues/hard rock, Dog Day Sunrise sound like they have escaped form the 90s in many ways. I mean this as a compliment, of course, as I can imagine the band would have made a relatively big splash back then with the right backing and support, etc. In today’s over-saturated, low-attention span world, I fear that this is no longer possible. This is a shame as it’s obvious from the very start of this album that the band are not without talent, and there are some kicking tunes on When the Sky Comes Down.

The band are obviously songwriting-focused, with an emphasis on traditional rocking structures and strong hooks. Memorable and catchy, but not overly so in a style-over-substance way, it’s nice to hear an album like this which has obviously been constructed with blood, sweat, and passion, rather than clinically analysed to give it the best chance of appearing on some soulless corporate playlist. Dog Day Sunrise clearly love what they do.

Each track has its own personality and feel, and I very much like that you can start this album at any point and know what song it is. Boisterous riffs, big solos, plenty of attitude, and a sense of songwriting that’s lacking in many of today’s bands, Dog Day Sunrise have hit the mark big style. There’s also a Phil Collins cover…

I’ve enjoyed this, and I don’t mind admitting that my enjoyment of Dog Day Sunrise is at least partially enhanced by them being somewhat of a musical underdog of sorts; this is music that’s both old-fashioned and unfashionable. It’s honest, authentic, and disarmingly endearing, but likely to be largely overlooked due to these qualities, which is a shame.

Regardless, taken on its own terms, (as any music should be), When the Sky Comes Down is an enjoyable 43 minutes of well-crafted metallic rock.

A recommended listen.

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