Dark Buddha Rising – II (Review)

Dark Buddha RisingThis is the latest EP from Dark Buddha Rising, a psychedelic doom band from Finland.

Specialising in songs that are long, expressive, layered, and absorbing, this is the follow up to 2015’s very enjoyable Inversum.

Containing two tracks lasting 26 minutes, this release is full of droning doom that weaves a certain type of darkness into its psychedelic and hypnotically-performed delivery.

There’s a warmth to Dark Buddha Rising’s music that’s at odds with its dark, mysterious veneer. This juxtaposition of feelings works in the music’s favour, however, adding an esoteric appeal to the atmospheres and moods that the band craft with their combination of drone/doom, psychedelic explorations, and more exotic Eastern influences.

There are plenty of good ideas included here, making for engaging music that’s easy to let yourself be led by. It’s ritualistic in a repetitive, droning way, but with this style of music the repetitive aspects only enhance and empower the music’s strengths. Rather than bore the listener, it draws them in further. Having said that, there is plenty of variety on show here, as these are long songs. Dark Buddha Rising certainly don’t lack for reasons to hold the listener’s attention.

The vocals seem to lurk largely in the background, embedded in the music, but almost out of sight. Like everything else here, this is a well-judged approach, working to add and enhance the music with an extra layer of feeling, rather than seeking to be the most prominent focal point as is usually the case with vocals.

The darker tone that Dark Buddha Rising set on II suits the band’s music well, and this is a compelling and well-realised piece of work.

Highly recommended.

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