Dark Buddha Rising – Mathreyata (Review)

Dark Buddha Rising - MathreyataThis is the seventh album from Dark Buddha Rising, a Finnish doom/drone band.

I enjoyed both 2015’s Inversum and 2018’s II, so was looking forward to checking out Mathreyata, which follows on from the band’s last EP quite nicely, stylistically and thematically. Mathreyata consists of 44 minutes of psychedelic drone for the listener to lose themselves in. I really enjoy Dark Buddha Rising’s colossally heavy droning approach, although this is not music that’s about enjoyment in any traditional sense.

The music is hypnotic and draws you in with a sort of primordial appeal that’s almost startling. The clean singing has a ritualistic feel to it, yet there’s a strength to the delivery that lends the vocals more power than you might expect; some ritualistic vocals sound as if they’re just going through the motions, but that’s clearly not the case here. As for the screams, these are filled with a nightmare potency that cuts through the grim psychedelic heaviness like a knife through flesh.

The atmospheres created by Dark Buddha Rising are thick and powerful. The music oozes with malevolent darkness and semi-sentient threat. This is the sound of the apocalypse; slow, inevitable, final. Each of these tracks contains a world of droning shadows to explore. As you claw and crawl your way through the opaque gloom, searching in vain for any hint of light or succour, the glacial churn of the monolithic environment you find yourself in waits for nothing as it continues its inexorable, merciless movements on its path to its ominous conclusion.

Mathreyata is a journey, a trial of character. To experience the end times is to know a glimpse of the inescapable future that surely awaits us all.

Now is the time.

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