Repulsione – Desecrating (Review)

RepulsioneRepulsione are an Italian grindcore band and this is their third album.

This is some insanely noisy grindcore. The bass seems like it’s wrapped in chainsaws and bursting out of the speakers to gut you. Bloody Hell.

So yes, Repulsione are a band that lack guitar. In this day and age this shouldn’t still really be an noteworthy thing, but it actually usually is. The instrument’s presence is not really missed, however, as the fuzzy bass has more than enough presence of its own to make these songs hit like a truck.

The cutting, destructive nature of the twin bass assault is constant and sharp, whether grooving or blasting, or anything else. The band’s sound is dsitinctive, and once your brain adapts to having barbed spikes inserted in its sensitive spots, it’s really quite infectious.

Looking under the unfriendly savagery of the band’s aggressive veneer, it’s clear that they know how to structure and compose grindcore. Taking their cues from early style-setters like Carcass and Napalm Death, Repulsione’s surgical precision is felt keenly, while still retaining a sledgehammer impact. The mix of paces in the tracks is effective and enjoyable, and I like that the band introduce melody into the mayhem here and there.

The vocalist powers through the material with guttural deathgrowls, and his voice is extremely satisfying to listen to.

This is grinding powerviolence that’s very enjoyable, as long as you can get used to their scathing, abrasive sound. Repulsione have made a very good impression on me, and I urge you to check them out.

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