Pestilence – Hadeon (Review)

PestilencePestilence are a veteran death metal band from the Netherlands and this is their eighth album.

This is a very strong album, let’s just get that stated right at the start. Hadeon is 39 minutes of largely old-school death metal, mixed in with some progressive elements.

The songs are brief and to the point, focusing largely on an old-school approach to their assault, but with enough progressive death metal elements to keep things interesting and allow the band the freedom to add the occasional flourish here and there.

Well-written and concise, there’s little filler on this release, (mainly confined to the intro track). Hadeon demonstrates a band that are focused and professional in their delivery. None of the songs break the four minute mark, as for this style of music the band have both the skill and talent to say everything they need to say in less than this.

The musicianship is above reproach, and some of the guitar solos in particular are extremely enjoyable. There are some sterling riffs on Hadeon, and the songs are all well-constructed and contain good dynamics and energy.

As I said near the start of the review, Hadeon is a very strong album. It’s simple and straightforward enough to have instant appeal, yet has enough depth and substance to keep you returning for more.

Highly recommended.

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