Ataraxy – Where All Hope Fades (Review)

AtaraxyAtaraxy are a Spanish death metal band and this is their second album.

Here we have 48 minutes of death metal with atmospheric doom elements, making for long songs filled with grim moods and shadowy treasures.

Gloomy and dark, the music on this album is crushing and monolithic. The band combine their death and doom metal influences well across these tracks. Where All Hope Fades comes across as a real old-school treat, so much so that you can easily imagine it being a lost gem from the 90s.

The slower, atmospheric aspects of the band’s music contain misery-drenched, slow-moving oceans of guitars, with macabre melodies and subtle, nuanced deliveries. This is combined with heavier, death metal-driven aggression and mid-paced riff-fests. The two merge effortlessly together to produce songs that create an otherworldly impression, as if Ataraxy have stumbled upon another realm of some sort.

Melody is used well to enhance the music’s sinister feelings and Ataraxy use this in their songs to strike a good balance between heaviness and atmosphere. This is death/doom that may lean more towards the death metal side of the equation, but still relies on mood and feeling to be effective, just as much as it does the thick, distorted guitars and gruff vocals.

Regarding the latter, the singer’s voice is ragged and inhuman, seemingly one step away from shedding all pretence at actually being made by a person, and instead almost being ready to show the world its true daemonic self.

This is music that creates images of apocalyptic landscapes and strange, otherworldly vistas. Where All Hope Is Lost is cataclysmically enjoyable. Don’t miss out on this underground work of metallic art.

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