Stygian Obsession – Form Is Void (Review)

Stygian ObsessionStygian Obsession are an atmospheric death metal band from the US and this is their latest EP.

Stygian Obsession play old-school death metal that’s bolstered by blackened atmospherics. Ugly, otherworldly nightmares are made manifest through the band’s music; Form Is Void is murky and atmospheric, full of harrowing sounds and dark moods.

Look beyond the apocalyptic tone of the material on this release and you’ll find that the bulk of the delivery is old-school death metal, played in an atavistic, malevolent way. This is enhanced by further sinister sounds and macabre melodies that add definite atmospheric layers to the songs. Think of a ritualistic Incantation/Autopsy, with elements of Hypocrisy. Add to this a coating of blackened terrorscapes of the sort that Ævangelist do so well, and you’ll have a starting reference point for what Stygian Obsession deliver on Form Is Void.

This approach works grim wonders for the band, and the songs on Form Is Void are satisfyingly bleak and unsettling. The core death metal that the band unleash is well-written and constructed, but it’s the atmospheric/blackened elements that really elevate this into more rarefied heights. Without this aspect of their sound, the band would still be a worthy addition to the old-school death metal ranks, but with them Form Is Void ascends to something quite special.

With a dense, impenetrable sound that helps the songs to keep their secrets until you really get to know the depths of the music, Form Is Void is Hellishly impressive.

Very highly recommended for connoisseurs of the underground.

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