Alterbeast – Feast (Review)

AlterbeastAlterbeast are a death metal band from the US and this is their second album.

It seems like an age since Alterbeast released their stunning debut album Immortal, which was a masterclass in how to create enjoyable modern, technical death metal. Well now the band are back, with a new lineup too, it seems.

Feast lives up to its name, delivering a sumptuous banquet of death metal that’s sure to satisfy fans of contemporary brutality. With elements of technical, melodic, and modern death metal all wrapped up in a pristine production and with performances that can’t be faulted, this is an album that’s flawlessly executed.

The songs are well-written and instantly appealing, but with enough depth and substance to encourage replays. Full of technical wizardry, brutal groove, and melodic bite, the songs on Feast are ridiculously enjoyable if you’re a fan of this kind of thing.

The album is a well-rounded listen that has a lot to engross and ensnare the listener, easily holding their attention for a full 38 minutes of carnage. Enhanced by some good ideas, murderous riffs, lethal melodies, piano/synth at key points, and containing a Dissection cover too, Feast is an album that’s more than happy to push itself to deliver a storming extreme metal experience.

Despite the lineup changes, Alterbeast have managed to avoid sounding like a completely different band, or a mere copy of their old selves. Instead they sound revitalised and refreshed, and ready for the challenges ahead. With an extremely strong new album under their belts, the future looks bright for Alterbeast.

Oh go on, you know you love this kind of modern brutality. Go and check this out.

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