Enhailer – Dumb Enough to Care (Review)

EnhailerThis is the latest EP from US doom band Enhailer.

Containing just one 18-minute track this EP straddles genres and styles, but ultimately falls under the doom heading most of all.

The music mixes stoner, black, psychedelic, sludge, and progressive metal into a warm, fuzzy melting pot of hybrid doom. Yes, on paper that seems a fair few different styles, (there’s actually even some death metal influences that can be heard here and there), but it’s all skilfully incorporated into the band’s overall doom delivery seamlessly.

Dumb Enough to Care is expressive and multifaceted, presenting itself well throughout the playing time, and showing a band that are confident in what they do. With a heavy, rich, vibrant production, the music has the space it needs to expand and breathe into the extended playing time. The thick beefy riffs are a pleasure to listen to, and both the melodic and lighter components are written into the overall structure of the music naturally.

As the song unfolds the compositional development and path that the music takes evolves nicely, going down one route or another, before always ultimately converging back on its core style of fuzzy doom metal.

The vocals, when they appear, are harsh and aggressive, shouting, screaming, or growling out from the music with passion and intensity.

Dumb Enough to Care is an impressive and enjoyable piece of work. Make sure you take a listen.

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