Exalter – Obituary for the Living (Review)

ExalterThis is the latest release from Bangladeshi Thrash Metallers Exalter.

Featuring three new songs and four older ones, this release showcases what Exalter have produced up to this point in their existence.

After being suitably impressed by some recent Thrash releases, (Artillery, Crisix and Exumer, for example), I’m in the mood to be wooed once more by Thrash Metal, and I’m pleased to say that Exalter don’t disappoint.

This is old-school Thrash Metal with both an authentic feel and recording. There’s a difference in production between the older material and the new, but nothing too jarring. A warm, fuzzy sound is used to beat you around the head while the band thrash out with ease.

These songs are full of spiky, catchy riffs and energetic displays of enthusiastic shredding. Some of the riffs in the older material sound a little too reminiscent of their heroes, but overall this is not a huge issue, especially on their more recent work.

The singer sounds just as old-school as the music, all charismatic wrath and angry discontent. He fits the music well and sounds as if he has been transported in time straight from the 80s, as does the music in many ways.

Authentic, honest Thrash that’s aggressive and song-based is surprisingly hard to come across these days, so bands like Exalter are quite the find.

Here’s to some increased exposure for the band, as Obituary for the Living is surely worthy of many a Metal fan’s time and investment.

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