Wargore – Between Evil and Death (Review)

WargoreWargore are a Brazilian death metal band and this is their debut EP.

Here’s a fresh young band that seem to exist purely to worship the old-school metal gods. And why not? If Between Evil and Death is any indication, this is no bad thing.

If you’re saturated on old-school death metal, then I doubt this will change your mind. However, I still encourage you to check it out, as Wargore have managed to impressively put together an EP that doesn’t sound like it was recorded in the last couple of decades.

There’s an unnatural, filthy, macabre sound to these songs that’s hard to deny. From the earthy drums, to the pungent riffs, to the inhuman, murky vocals, everything is in place for the band to deliver 21 minutes of fetid, rotten tunes.

Their adherence to the old-school style of death metal sees the band incorporate a fair few catchy riffs and hooks into these songs. Elements of thrash metal can be heard too, reinforcing this. Yep, Wargore seem to have a talent for this kind of thing, that much seems apparent.

If you yearn for death metal that sounds inhuman and ancient, then Wargore are a band to keep an eye on.

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