Intervals – The Way Forward (Review)

IntervalsIntervals are a Canadian progressive metal band and this is their third album.

Essentially the product of just one creative mind, this album does, however, see a full band flesh out this mastermind’s vision.

The music of Intervals is lively and bright, providing a richly coloured soundscape for the listener to enjoy. The songs on The Way Forward are shiny and modern instrumental pieces, full of vibrancy and energy.

Impeccably played and with a strong, professional recording, this album spends the best part of 40 minutes entertaining and delighting the listener with its well-constructed progressive rock/metal. The songs take the listener on various journeys down different paths as they attempt spread their contemporary musical message far and wide.

Thoroughly modern and upbeat, this is music that easily puts you in a good mood, without going over the top in this direction. It’s well-written and structured, with a good grasp of what makes this kind of new, shiny, instrumental style tick.

A thoroughly enjoyable listen.

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