LaColpa – Mea Maxima Culpa (Review)

LaColpaThis is the debut album from Italian doom band LaColpa.

This is filthy blackened doom, added to with some violent noise and harsh sludge. There are only three tracks on this album, but they total almost 40 minutes, and it’s clear from the very start that the band aren’t messing around.

Bleak and hateful, the music on Mea Maxima Culpa is not for the weak of heart, and not for anyone that doesn’t enjoy the aural equivalent of having their throat slashed. Noise, sludge, black metal, and glacial, stretched-out doom collide in ways surely designed to test the listener, pushing them to the limits of their endurance. The nightmarescapes here not only unfold, but sometimes seem to come crashing into reality.

Raw and evil, the blackened semi-industrial doom that the band have unleashed on this album is intoxicating in its grimness and unpleasantness. There’s a droning repetitiveness that gets under your skin when it really gets going, and occasionally reminds me of a blackened Khanate mixed with Primitive Man.

Dark, miserable, and utterly without hope, this is also surprisingly savage in places. Sometimes a furious blackened sludge seems to well up from underneath the turbulent surface, before spending itself in a hateful fury just in time for the slow-burning malevolent doom to dominate once more.

Mea Maxima Culpa is a very strong release. Designed to terrify and disgust, it achieves these goals with frightening ease. This is 40 minutes that deserves to be endured over and over again.

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