Oblivion – The Path Towards… (Review)

OblivionThis is the second album from Oblivion, a death metal band from the US.

It seems like forever since Oblivion’s debut album Called to Rise was unleashed on an unsuspecting world, but it was only actually in 2013 that we got our first proper taste of what this band were capable of.

The Oblivion of 2017 has been progressed and refined. Taking the core sound that they developed and implemented so well on Called to Rise, they enhance this with extra lashings of melody, brutality, technicality, and emotive savagery. Yes, imagine Called to Rise only bigger, bolder, more direct, with greater depth, and a huge crushing sound. What’s not to like?

Various guest vocalists appear, (Connoisseur, Suicide Silence, Hideous Divinity), to add extra brutality to the songs, while the main singer himself sounds better than ever. His voice seems to have fully merged with the music and become almost an extra instrument, punctuating the rest of the musicians’ work with barbed bouts of violence and aggression.

The songs are focused into brief spikes of brutality, lasting long enough to express themselves in no uncertain terms, but ending before they can develop any superfluous parts. It’s a credit to the songwriting skills of the band that they’ve managed to condense everything they want to say into 35 minutes of aural carnage.

The Path Towards… has definitely been worth the wait.

Very enjoyable, very satisfying, highly recommended.

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