Turma – Kraken (Review)

TurmaTurma are an Italian metal band and this is their second album.

Mixing thrash and groove metal into a modern delivery, with just a hint of deathcore and djent, this is 24 minutes of heavy metalcore.

The songs stomp and slam along with decent groove and some nice heaviness. The guitars chug and smash, while the drums pound and bash.

Kraken very much sounds as if it was designed with the live environment mainly in mind, with galloping riffs and chugging grooves used liberally across the release. The band aren’t adverse to putting their feet on the accelerator though when they need to, which is good to hear.

The singer growls his way through the playing time with a deep roar that sounds like it’s really coming from somewhere dark inside.

The style is sort of along the lines of Lamb of God, only with more extreme vocals, I suppose. It’s a perfectly enjoyable listen, although I can’t help but feel they’re being slightly held back by the production. Don’t misunderstand, there’s largely nothing wrong with it, I just would personally like a little more grit and earthiness in their sound, but maybe that’s just me.

Minor sonic quibbles aside, Kraken is an enjoyable chunk of aggressive heaviness. With a few songwriting refinements and some further development, Turma could be onto something here.

Check this out.

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