Daniel Cavanagh – Monochrome (Review)

Daniel CavanaghDaniel Cavanagh is a progressive rock solo artist from the UK and this is his latest album.

Daniel Cavanagh is a member of the mighty Anathema, and this is a useful starting point for viewing the progressive rock material on this album. Indeed, any fan of latter-day Anathema will feel right at home with Monochrome.

This is a heartfelt collection of songs, with obvious personal meaning and deeply explored feelings. The songs are delicate and fragile compositions, seemingly fleeting and ephemeral, despite their sometimes longer lengths. The music builds, ebbs, and flows both atmospherically and emotively, taking the listener on a journey, as all the best albums seem to do.

Guest artists appear on the release to add extra depth and colour; the wonderfully sublime voice of Anneke Van Giersbergen, (ex-The Gathering), and the expressive violin of Anna Phoebe.

Daniel Cavanagh’s distinctive and soulful singing is on fine form. He’s a strong singer in his own right, and just seems to be getting better and better over the years. However, I particularly enjoy the interplay between his plaintive voice and Anneke Van Giersbergen’s feminine allure. By themselves they both have superb delivery, but together their performances are enhanced and feed off each other.

Monochrome is unassuming and demure, but not without its own understated power. The songs grow and swell as you listen to them, expanding to fill your consciousness with emotive, gentle, piano-led progressive rock. Easy to lose yourself in and full of texture and depth, this is a very satisfying and contemplative listen.

Highly recommended.

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