Jarboe & Father Murphy – Jarboe & Father Murphy (Review)

Jarboe & Father MurphyFather Murphy are an Italian experimental/avant-garde band and Jarboe is a highly-regarded artist in her own right from the US. This EP sees these two forces combining their considerable talents into 10 minutes of new music.

First off I have to note that I love the EP cover; simple and striking.

So, there’s only two tracks on this release, but you can tell that a lot of work and passion has gone into crafting these pieces of music.

We begin with The Ferryman, which starts with spoken word and some tense music that’s instantly attention-grabbing. Rich clean vocals occasionally ring out in background, as the textured and resonant music progresses in a droning, ambient fashion. It’s minimal, yet also sumptuous.

The track manages to feel like it never actually gets started, while simultaneously not needing to, as it exists in its own right and for its own purposes. The only downside? A bit of pointless noise at the end, which kind of ruins the mood that was established by the actual song itself.

After this we have Truth or Consequences, the longer of the two songs. Like The Ferryman, this track immediately establishes mood and presence with an expansive sound that combines beauty with a certain undercurrent of urbanised dread and nervous tension. Whereas The Ferryman felt more like an extended intro, Truth or Consequences feels like the more well-rounded of the two compositions.

Winding, gradually-unfurling, and full of haunting resplendence, the added screaming static that is present in various levels of volume throughout the song is a stroke of genius. Without this the music would still be beautiful and haunting, but with it included it adds an entirely new level of tension and anxiety, allowing the music to have a wider impact than if it was absent.

A short, but worthwhile EP. Although the first track is good, it’s the second where things truly come together.

Check this out.

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