Idylls – The Barn (Review)

IdyllsThis is the third album from Idylls, a hardcore band from Australia.

Idylls are ferocious and uncompromising. They play chaotic, violent hardcore, and they play it very well.

The Barn is not a straightforward listen, as the band have a predilection for angular riffs and atypical sonic violence. Their dissonant approach owes as much to rabid punk delivery, inventive grindcore, and anarchic jazz, as it does to dark hardcore. Idylls make much use of the overlap of extreme styles across these 32 minutes.

Combining frenzied desperation with energetic vigour and a loose, yet surprisingly coherent delivery, these songs are largely blurs of imaginative extremity and punk zeal. There’s a real sense of danger emanating from this music; it’s almost like being involved in a rowdy and potentially unstable situation where you feel anything might happen at any moment, where everything seems constantly teetering on the edge of exploding.

The Barn is an exhausting and draining listen for this reason, but for this exact same reason you always find yourself drawn back by its perilous appeal. Sometimes you just can’t wait for the adrenaline to spike, the sweat to run, and the blood to pump. For times like that, you have The Barn.


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