71TONMAN – Earthwreck (Review)

71TONMANThis is the second album from Polish doom/sludge band 71TONMAN.

A mere four or so years ago since their self-titled debut album came out, 71TONMAN have now returned with an ever heavier, slower, and fatter release. Hold on to something tight before you press play, as Earthwreck is likely to live up to its name when played at high volumes.

As enjoyable as their debut album was, Earthwreck sees 71TONMAN improve in pretty much every way. This is a darker, more sinister and malevolent release, filled to the brim with huge riffs and slow, crushing guitars that threaten to break out of the speakers to flatten you as you listen.

The band have spread their wings with this new album in a way, as the entire thing may have the same number of tracks as their debut, but it’s about 15 minutes longer. Generally speaking, the songs on Earthwreck are longer, slower, heavier, darker, and overall better than ever.

It seems they also have a new singer; his performance on Earthwreck would seem to indicate that this is a good thing for the band, as he sounds monstrous. Deep, pitch-black deathgrowls chew up the airwaves alongside the type of serrated screams that sound sharp enough to cause harm.

Earthwreck sees 71TONMAN go up several levels of seriousness and professionalism. This is a band that are now ready to enter the doom/sludge metal big leagues.

For anyone into the filthy, heavy sludge of bands like Eyehategod and Primitive Man, this is an album you have to get crushed by.

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