Distress of Ruin – Insights (Review)

Distress of RuinThis is the latest EP from Finnish melodic death metal band Distress of Ruin.

Well, this is quality stuff. From the very start it’s clear that a lot of time, effort, and passion has gone into the creation of this release.

With a clear, professional sound, Distress of Ruin reveal themselves to be a heavy, melodic, and atmospheric proposition, playing the melodeath style. It reminds of Insomnium, with a mix of Soilwork and Darkane thrown in, but not without its own character and appeal, of course.

The rhythm guitars are nicely thick and meaty, and they have quite a presence all of their own, as well as boasting some very nice riffs here and there. Everything is swamped in keyboards, but set alongside these beefy guitars it never gets overbearing; instead, they simply add another layer of emotive feeling and depth to the impressive music.

The band know the dynamics of this kind of style intimately it seems, and the songs are well-written. I like that the bulk of the material here is on the more aggressive side, but never too much to detract from the overall rich emotive impressions that the songs give.

The singer has a very good voice. He has a wide range, performing everything from deathgrowls to harsh shouts to screams to semi-cleans to outright singing. It’s all very, very good. Taken with the rest of the music, it continues the impression of a professional and talented band putting their all into their music.

Insights is a minor revelation. I normally shy away from this kind of melodic death metal, usually because the majority of bands playing it tend to be weak interpretations of the big names in the scene. Distress of Ruin have impressed, however, and I see more than enough potential here to become a big name in their own right. If this band were picked up by one of the bigger metal labels and pushed aggressively, I fully believe they could become quite successful.

Here’s hoping. Until then, enjoy Insights.

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