Narbeleth – Indomitvs (Review)

NarbelethNarbeleth is a Cuban one-man black metal band and this is his fourth album.

I’ve been willingly following Narbeleth’s work for a few years now, starting with 2014’s A Hatred Manifesto and then with 2015’s Through Blackness, and Remote Places. There’s just something so pleasingly atavistic, raw, and primal about Narbeleth’s music that I can’t help but really like it.

This is uncompromising black metal, inspired by the old-school and delivered by someone that really has a talent for this type of thing. Musically we’re in orthodox second wave territory, which is a landscape that the brains behind Narbeleth seems to know intimately.

The songs are furious and aggressive, full of violence and blasphemy. Blackened melodies are infectiously delivered and dark, macabre atmospheres are ruthlessly created as the songs tear by over the playing time. Although a lot of the material is high-speed, the tracks have enough variety of tempo to hold interest.

Each album so far has contained seven original compositions, and one cover. Indomitvs is no different, with the cover version this time being of an Arckanum song.

Well, Narbeleth has returned, and another roaring black metal ride has been had. If passionately-played second wave black metal floats your boat, then Narbeleth is the right band for you.

Highly recommended.

2 thoughts on “Narbeleth – Indomitvs (Review)”

  1. I have been to Cuba 3 times and never heard metal there.
    The Cuban people are some of the nicest people in the world, and I’m glad at least one can perform metal. Hopefully he will not be persecuted by the Government.
    Thank you for making me aware of this band.
    When I go back someday, I will reach out to Narbaleth.

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