Backbone – R’lyeh (Review)

BackboneBackbone are an Argentinian death metal band and this is their debut EP.

Backbone play death metal with a healthy helping of groove, thrash, and progressive metal thrown in for character and substance.

After some brief preamble, the EP opens up strongly with a professional sound, beefy riffs, and dark growls.

The songs are enjoyably modern, but not in the usual way that some modern death metal is; this isn’t the sleek, ultra-polished modernity of a lot of the more fashionable extremity that you readily find out there. Instead, the tracks take influence from contemporary groove and thrash metal, making for easily approached songs that still have a certain degree of complexity and depth to them due to the progressive elements in the band’s sound.

The band make good use of light and shade, embracing various non-death metal influences and incorporating them into the music well. This makes for an effective hybrid style that is death metal enough to appeal to fans of brutality, but also has a wider-appeal that should find approval from fans of the more commercial end of the metal spectrum. Think Lamb of God if they played death metal and also had a progressive side to them.

This is a well-conceived release that shows much promise. Check them out.

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