Duality – Elektron (Review)

DualityDuality are a technical death metal band from Italy and this is their debut album.

Duality mix death metal with technical complexity, jazz interludes, and progressive workouts. Think a mix of Death, Obscura, and The Faceless.

This is a diverse listen with a wide range of influences spread across the tracks. As well as the aforementioned elements that the band include in their sound, we also get acoustic parts, classical guitars, melodic components, and violin additions that are all used across the breadth of the album, all of which are incorporated into a modern death metal framework.

Although there’s plenty of aggression here, Duality are not about outright brutality; this is more about exploring extremity and combining it with the other influences to create a death metal album that lives and breathes rather than huffs and puffs.

The album takes shape through the strength of its compositions, rather than by embracing complexity for the sake of it. This is music that is kept in check by and funnelled through its progressive side, which reins in the technicality from becoming overly complex. The songwriting skills of the band ensure that they have provided the listener with songs that are involved enough to be interesting, but focused enough not to lose it. This is true even though many of the songs stretch out to longer lengths than the average for death metal.

As you can probably gather, the musicianship is faultless. As always with this type of thing, I like to highlight the use of the bass; partially because it’s an integral and very enjoyable part of the band’s sound, and partly simply because it’s often the most neglected instrument in any band’s sound.

The vocals are performed in a way that’s halfway between that of classic Death and a more contemporary style such as used by the singer of Darkest Hour. It fits the music well, which itself also combines elements of both the old-school and the new to forge these very impressive songs.

With the kind of professional production that something like this needs, Elektron has the whole package in place. The album has been out for a while now and definitely needs to be heard by a wider audience. Check this out as a priority.

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