Counterfeit Culture – Deathwish (Review)

Counterfeit CultureCounterfeit Culture are a US metalcore band and this is their latest EP.

Counterfeit Culture mix melodic hardcore with heavier metalcore, and have produced an EP that may be short, but is not without impact.

The songs are quite memorable, focusing on huge, uplifting melodic choruses and bright singing alongside the harsher shouts and screams. On first listen the songs make a good impression, but it’s on subsequent listens that they really start to come into their own.

The riffs are modern and bright, with enough of a djent influence to be noticeable, but without overshadowing the heavier metalcore side of their sound. Unexpectedly I found myself enjoying the sung, melodic parts of the band’s delivery much more than the heavier, shouted sections; usually with me it’s the other way around. The parts of the songs that feature clean singing and more emotive and melodic music seem to be better written and more memorable than anything else here.

This is the sound of a band with passionate beliefs and bucketfuls of energy starting to establish their style. Even this early in their career they have enough elements in their music that they can build on for the future, developing an even more individual style from their influences.

Deathwish is an enjoyable listen in its own right, but it’s also one that hopefully heralds even better things for the band in the future.

Ones to watch.


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