Prezir – Contempt (Review)

PrezirPrezir are a US black metal band and this is their debut EP.

Contempt combines black, death, and thrash influences into a feral blackened mass of hate and violence.

This is over 30 minutes of old-school darkness, with blackened belligerence and grim melodies. Featuring enough razorblade riffs and contemptuous screams to cut yourself on, this is nasty stuff and a very enjoyable listen.

Bestial, warlike, and full of blasphemous intent, this release is embodies a raw and relentless extremity that’s barely constrained by the recording. The songs rip, tear, and shred their way through the playing time, and it’s very satisfying in the way that only black metal can sometimes be.

This isn’t pure black metal though; as mentioned previously, there’s also death and thrash metal influences peppered around. I particularly like the deathgrowls that add extra aggression to the higher screams.

There’s a grandeur to some of the guitars on this release that’s quite imposing. Prezir have a kind of primitive, atavistic majesty to them when they want to, and it’s only a part of their compelling sound that sees them plunder many different extreme metal influences from the 90s era, so that calling this second wave-influenced might be a bit misleading. Old-school it is, but dealing with a wealth of different versions of this, streamlined into a blackened concoction that’s sure to please all but the harshest of critics.

I really enjoyed this, and I’m sure you will too.

Listen at full volume.

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