First Signs of Frost – The Shape of Things to Come (Review)

First Signs of FrostThis is the latest EP from First Signs of Frost, a modern rock band from the UK.

Inspired by the likes of Deftones, Glassjaw, and the less-harsh aspects of Periphery and Sikth, this short EP is 18 minutes of emotive and anthemic modern music that’s played with obvious passion.

The songs mix a technical approach with a more direct melodic one, alongside some djent influences. I like the fact that the band’s technical ability is on display, but doesn’t overwhelm their song-focused approach. The result is a collection of tracks that takes the standard verse-chorus format, while also providing some extra meat under the shiny veneer.

The music is very clean and polished, and whether you can get on board with their extremely bright and effervescent approach to music is down to your own personal tastes, of course. I’d probably prefer a little bit more grit to some of the vocals, but this is certainly not a deal-breaker, especially as the singer does have a good voice and delivery.

Overall this is quite a nice little EP showcasing where First Signs of Frost currently are in their development and where they’re going next. I think with a few songwriting tweaks and a little added roughness here and there, they could be on to something quite promising.

Check this out.

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