Immortal Sÿnn – Machine Men (Review)

Immortal SÿnnImmortal Sÿnn are a heavy/thrash metal band from the US and this is their debut album.

This is old-school metal played with obvious passion and a firm love of the early days of the style.

Mixing thrash and heavy metal with a touch of hard rock, this is an hour of authentic classic metal for anyone that’s interested in a traditionally-influenced take on it.

The NWOBHM is clearly an influence, but this is mixed with the thrash elements to create an album that’s quite enjoyable and satisfying in nature. It’s a really strong hybrid style that sees the band switching from 80s thrash elements to classic heavy metal at the drop of a hat. As you can probably gather, the songs are well-written and everything flows together easily.

Catchy, memorable, and with an obvious knowledge of what makes metal so compelling, these tracks are easy to absorb and digest, with plenty of replay value. Part of this comes from the fact that the album is relatively diverse, with a decent variety across the songs due to the various old-school influences making themselves heard at various points. Each song sounds as if it has been worked on as a labour of love, combining with each of its brethren to form a diverse-yet-cohesive listen that I for one have really enjoyed.

This sonic variety extends to the singing too; the singer has great range and shows off his talent very well across the whole album. He’s ably backed up by others that contribute to the tracks in their own particular ways too. I sum, we get heavy metal singing, screeching cleans, gang vocals, shouting, and even some harsher screams and growls used here and there.

With a strong, crisp production, the songs have the sonic muscles to make the kind of impact that the band want. The recording shows off the band’s quality songwriting to great effect, and the album as a whole is a corker.

Machine Men is hard to dislike, and has so many different types of old-school content spread over the eleven tracks that it’s quite simply a great listen.

Check it out today and get ready to headbang like a maniac.

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