Bereft of Light – Hoinar (Review)

Bereft of LightBereft of Light is a one-man Romanian black metal band and this is his debut album.

This is atmospheric black metal in the Cascadian style, brought to us by a member of the outstanding Eye of Solitude, (as well as many, many other bands and projects too).

Hoinar is a textured, introspective album that’s heavily atmospheric and contains elements of the melodic, depressive, and blackgaze sub-genres in its 41 minute length. All of these influences are subsumed into a wider atmospheric black metal framework, and put to work in an effective manner according to where their strengths lie and where they will have the most impact.

Mournful melodies, ethereal keyboards, acoustic passages, and other well-placed tools are all deployed effectively to help the artist create his expansive sonicscapes. There’s an aggressive side to this music too, of course, but even this is approached from an atmospheric point of view. Blast beats and harsh screams are used in ways to best promote the overall aims of the music as a whole, enhancing and deepening the feelings evoked by the emotive music.

With long songs and a guiding hand that seems to know this kind of music well, Hoinar is both engaging and highly enjoyable. Make sure you spend some time with this.

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