Atomçk – Every Room in Britain (Review)

AtomçkAtomçk are a UK grindcore band and this is their latest album.

I love me some unruly, pissed-off grindcore, and this certainly hits the mark.

Atomçk have provided us with 21 tracks that last a mere 17 minutes. The songs are short, frenetic ragers that spew out insectile and savage grind full of passion, energy, and no small amount of inventive chaos.

If you’re unfamiliar with Atomçk, imagine a twisted cross between something like Discordance Axis and Cripple Bastards, only with a distinct personality all of their own.

The tracks are well-written and pack a surprising amount of enjoyably pandemonic content into their short running times. Almost everything here is fast, violent, and relentlessly vicious. As far as grindcore goes, you can’t fault it really.

With a nice juicy sound, the songs have the kind of sonic substance needed to burst into your house and rearrange all of your furniture while you’re out and about. Or something. Basically, they have a well-developed recording that does the music justice.

The vocals consist of a variety of extreme vocalisations, from deathgrowls, to shouts, to screams, to something that sounds like a peacock yelling for its dinner. Combined with the high-velocity, high-energy music, you end up with 17 minutes of mayhem and violence that can’t fail to entertain and satisfy.

Fuelled by a very self-aware anger, this is music that’s more thought-out than might initially appear to the casual observer. The band have been doing this kind of thing for a while now, so they are well-aware of how grindcore works and how to maximise its various strengths.

Overall, I think this is probably the strongest material I’ve heard from Atomçk. Every Room in Britain is the type of release that everyone should have tucked away in their music collection somewhere, ready to unleash on themselves when the world gets a bit much for them.

Make sure you get yours.

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