Ape Unit/Horsebastard – Split (Review)

Ape Unit HorsebastardApe Unit are from Italy and Horsebastard are from the UK. These two grindcore bands have teamed up for this short split release.

I haven’t encountered Ape Unit before, but the four minutes or so of irreverent grind that they showcase on this split seem to be as good an introduction as any.

It’s blistering, nasty stuff. The songs are short, sharp, and seem to slide through the airwaves like a knife through something soft and squishy. They’re fast and have a punk energy to them that’s quite infectious.

Insectile screams war with guttural growls, as the music does its ferocious thing. It all feels quite unhinged and dangerous, while still remaining coherent enough to not lose focus. The tracks hit the spot quite nicely, I must say.

Yep, this has been a very enjoyable introduction to Ape Unit.

The wonderfully named Horsebastard are up next. Having very much enjoyed their split with Noisebazooka, this latest four minutes of grinding violence is very well-received.

Crazed and rabid, these short tracks are not to be messed with as they run through the brief playing time at a million miles per hour.

Much like Ape Unit, Horsebastard operate at the more insanely ferocious and serrated end of the grindcore spectrum. Equally as sharp and unhinged as their split-mates, Horsebastard once again show how very enjoyable they are; they’re fast becoming one of my favourites from the UK scene.

This is an extremely enjoyable little split release. Both bands operate in the same area of frenzied chaotic aggression, and both bands deliver the goods.

Highly recommended.

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