Rasha’im – The Horns of Euthyphro (Review)

Rasha'imRasha’im are a black metal band from the US and this is their debut album.

Here we have over 65 minutes of traditional, raw, underground black metal, with frosted riffs and grim melodies.

The songs are aggressive and full of barbed venom, Satanic might, and dark intent. The music is played with obvious passion and fervour, with the singer’s performance in particular reaching heights of malevolent worship as he screams, growls, chants, and howls his way through these rituals.

Musically the songs are well-written and clealy understand the nuanced requirements for this kind of release. Not content with mainly playing blast beat-driven scathing black metal like many second wave-influenced bands, I like that the songs on The Horns of Euthyphro have a lot more to offer than just this side of the style.

Along with the speed that you’d expect, the band temper this with all manner of other riffs and melodies; some atmospheric, some creepy, some icy and full of rage. Alongside elements of the old-school Norwegian and US black metal scenes, I also hear a decent helping of French influences on occasion, with the music reminding me of bands like Mütiilation and Nehëmah in places.

This is an album that definitely transports me back to the mid 90s, and it shares a particular esoteric and occult atmosphere with many such releases from that era. The songs have that same kind of strange, slightly dangerous feeling, as if this is more than just music played by normal people. As such, the tracks on The Horns of Euthyphro are surrounded by the kind of dark aura that many a black metal band would kill for.

Overall this is a very strong release that offers the listener a substantial journey into dark, occult waters.

Highly recommended.

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