Rasha’im – The Horns of Euthyphro (Review)

Rasha'imRasha’im are a black metal band from the US and this is their debut album.

Here we have over 65 minutes of traditional, raw, underground black metal, with frosted riffs and grim melodies. Continue reading “Rasha’im – The Horns of Euthyphro (Review)”

Agonie – Nemesis (Review)

AgonieAgonie are a Black Metal band from Germany. This is their début EP.

Here we have three tracks, just under 16 minutes of Black Metal, consisting of two original songs and a Zerfall cover.

This is very honest, authentic Black Metal with a great sound and a real feeling of darkness emanating from it.

Razor-sharp croaking screams and blasting frosted riffs propel the band through the 3 tracks in seemingly no time at all.

The Blackened melodies employed by Agonie are very, very enjoyable. Something about them just screams quality. Whether they play fast or lock into a groove the band milk every riff for its full potential and still have enough left over for the drums and vocals to not seem like complete afterthoughts.

This kind of pure Black Metal is always a pleasure to listen to and Nemesis sounds as if it could have come straight out of the 90’s in many ways. This is not about recapturing lost glories though, it’s about the here and now and what they have to offer Black Metal in 2015. The answer? Great fucking tunes.

The pacing is right and each song succeeds in offering a transcendent listening experience where the listener is transported to some dark, evil dimension and plagued by daemons. It doesn’t sound fun and it’s not supposed to, but for those select few who thrive on such things Agonie provide an exquisite experience for those with tastes that run to the esoteric.

Kind of a cross between the rolling atmospheric nature of Vinterriket, the classic template of Darkthrone and the occult stylings of Nehëmah.

The final track is a cover of a song by a band named Zerfell. They’re not a band I know but the track fits well with the other two and if anything is the more aggressive of the three.

By crikey this is good. I genuinely can’t wait for a full length from these.

Extremely highly recommended.