Displeased Disfigurement – Origin of Abhorrence (Review)

Displeased DisfigurementDispleased Disfigurement are a South African death metal band and this is their second album.

This is brutal death metal full of slamming gore and ugly abuse.

An unrelentingly brutal release like this needs no fancy words to describe it. There’s no hidden messages or subtlety here; this is all about ripping flesh with merciless blast beats and smashing skulls with deep slamming grooves. Origin of Abhorrence contains 8 songs, (and one pointless intro), that blast, slam, crush, main, and destroy with the best of them.

The key to preventing the relatively one-track mind of something like this from becoming too generic or stale is to do it well and inject a real energy into it. Thankfully this is what the band manage to achieve for the most part; Displeased Disfigurement know what they’re doing and clearly enjoy it too.

With enough blasting bloodshed to satisfy any rabid deathhead, the real draw of this album is the belligerent riffing. Whether the drums are tearing out at hyperspeed or slowing down to a pummelling beat, most of the time the guitars seem to be playing something meaty that you can really sink your teeth into.

Origin of Abhorrence sounds exactly as you would expect it to, and this is no bad thing. For a 37 minute hit of savage barbarity it really hits the spot. If you’re not into the style then you’re best advised to move along, but if you enjoy a bit of the old ultraviolence then Displeased Disfigurement have got you covered.

Although not perfect, it’s still a very enjoyable album nonetheless.

Check it out and give it a whirl.

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