Kafirun – Eschaton (Review)

KafirunThis is the debut album from Kafirun, a Canadian black metal band.

I very much enjoyed Kafirun’s Death Worship and Glorification of Holy Death releases, and this early work of theirs demonstrated the great promise that the band had. I always felt that they were building up to something, and apparently that something is Eschaton.

If you haven’t encountered Kafirun before, then you’re in for a dark, blackened treat. Playing the type of scathing, otherworldly black metal that merges the likes of Mayhem and Deathspell Omega together, Kafirun manage to strike the right balance between raw, atavistic aggression and a more sophisticated, occult approach.

Eschaton is surely the apotheosis of everything that the band have learned about their black metal art so far. The songs speak of destruction and chaos, channelled through pitch-black riffs and howling vocals that scream out of the void.

With guitars that are equally adept at conjuring dark atmospheres and grim auras as they are at directly assaulting the listener with extreme malice, the songs on Eschaton have instant appeal as well as depth and substance.

I must confess that this is way better than I anticipated. The band have more than lived up to the ample promise of their early work. In fact, they have far surpassed it. Eschaton is a black metal album for people that want some elite sophistication in their music, but without sacrificing the feral, ugly core of the style. Successfully embodying and balancing both aspects is no easy thing to accomplish, but Kafirun have made it look easy on their debut album.

Listen to this, and cower in fear. Death approaches.

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