Ex People – Bird (Review)

Ex PeopleEx People are a UK sludge/stoner metal band and this is their debut album.

This mixes bits of doom, sludge, and stoner metal together in one big melting pot. The result? Songs that are memorable and catchy.

The album’s production lends the music a thick, coherent feeling. The band make the most of this firm sonic base, building on it with the structures of the songs to show off their talents well.

Ex People have an absolute top quality singer. Her voice has just the right combination of seductive beauty and raw power, sitting atop the well-crafted songs like their reigning monarch. She sounds great and her luscious vocals contrast nicely against the thick, tarry guitars.

As for the music itself, it’s a great blending of doom, sludge, and stoner metal. There are some psychedelic, Electric Wizard-styled moments, the pure infectious energy of a band like Red Fang, the rocking sludge power of someone like Black Tusk, and the occasional bout of Crowbar weightiness.

The tracks on Bird have a decent amount of diversity within the style, and each song has its own personality and identity.

I like that a lot of the material here is on the slower end of the spectrum, making the most of the meaty riffs and the singer’s atmospheric, melodic voice. Of course, when they do speed things up the band still know what they’re doing. It’s all very enjoyable indeed.

Bird is massively enjoyable. The album has an easy grasp of what it means to be heavy, catchy, energetic, and memorable, all at the same time.

Check this out and give it a spin.

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