Kafirun – Eschaton (Review)

KafirunThis is the debut album from Kafirun, a Canadian black metal band.

I very much enjoyed Kafirun’s Death Worship and Glorification of Holy Death releases, and this early work of theirs demonstrated the great promise that the band had. I always felt that they were building up to something, and apparently that something is Eschaton. Continue reading “Kafirun – Eschaton (Review)”

Kafirun – Glorification of Holy Death (Review)

KafirunKafirun are from Canada and play Black Metal. This is their latest EP.

After their enjoyable début release Death Worship, Kafirun return with more True Black Metal to assault the masses with.

Kafirun play their Black Metal extremely well. It’s authentic, pitch-black and full of malevolent feeling.

The songs are like hymns to darkness and the relatively varied and emotive vocal delivery leads the sermon in ritualistic worship.

There’s a touch of Mayhem and Deathspell Omega to their Black Metal assault, both in the vocals and music.

The band have a really good sound – it’s raw enough to have the Black Metal aesthetic without it detracting from the overall performance as it’s also thick and balanced enough to be an enjoyable listen.

It’s only a short EP at 21 minutes in length, but each track showcases the band’s songwriting skill and passion for Black Metal.

Kafirun have shown us once again that they’re ones to watch. Keep it up!

Kafirun – Death Worship (Review)

KafirunKafirun are from Canada and play Black Metal. This is their début demo.

This is True Black Metal. It’s aggressive and grim and takes its cues from the likes of Mayhem.

With riffs sharp enough to do yourself an injury on, the darkly melodic guitars churn and rage their way through the playing time of the songs as the drums pound or blast appropriately.

The vocals have a a touch of Mayhem about them as well and the singer seems quite at home whether he’s performing semi-clean chanting or high pitched screams.

For a demo release there’s nothing wrong with the production at all. It’s got a good Black Metal tone that allows the guitars to sound as if they’re sliding over each other and everything else to sound like it’s filling in the spaces.

There’s only three songs here but they’re good ones and the band ably show what they can do.

If you’re not sated on Mayhem-influenced Black Metal then there’s a good chance you’ll enjoy what Kafirun do. Check them out.